International futuristic exhibition project FUTURE'S IMAGE/WOMAN 2021 (WOMAN'S IMAGE AND TIME) (Painting, graphics, photo, digital painting, sculpture, collage, assemblage, art objects, installations, performances, etc.)

Woman's image and time... In the 21st century, the evolution of female images continues. The turning point dictates the creation of an image of the transition period - many-sided and multifaceted, at the same time beautiful and terrible, chaste and dissolute, strong and weak, independent and enslaved. The world is facing the creation of its new hero in the female face. And we invite artists to join this experiment and present their vision of the female image.


Female image in silhouettes
Female image in portraits
Female image and mystical symbolism
Female image and magical realism
Female image and fantastic realism
Female image and surrealism
Female image in video art and animation
Female image and space
Female image and time
Female image and human relationships
Female image in a painting telling a story / storytelling
Female image in performance and installation

In the program of opening / closing the project:
Presentation of authors.
Speeches by art historians, futurologists and guests.
Performances and fashion shows in futuristic costumes.
Musical jams.
Scenic improvisations.

I wish to all of you a creative mood, successful implementation and I'll see you in the project!
Evgeny Natra - author and curator of the project.
Organizer TS "TETRA-ART".
Supported by: "Russian Art Week", St. Petersburg Union of Artists, Union of Abstract Artists of Russia, MA "Union of Designers", Eurasian Art Union.

*We continue to accept applications for the participation of authors in the exhibition project. And also in a futuristic fashion show and in performances...
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The international exhibition / competition "WOMAN'S IMAGE 2021" will be held from 2 to 7 March 2021 at the Exhibition Center of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists. In the center of the northern capital...

..........This time, our artists, photographers, designers, sculptors will answer difficult questions: How did the "female image" changed at the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries, right up to the present day? What is new and unpredictable in the appearance of a modern woman? What frightens us sometimes... And what gives hope? What inspires and what is alarming? What causes concern... Isn't a new era of "matriarchy" awaiting us - as some futurists claim? or male expansion awaits us ... Will women continue to fight for their rights and their opportunities in new conditions..? These and other difficult questions will be answered by the project participants! Whatever it was, and the female image will always remain attractive for creative personalities!

Various genres, styles and trends of contemporary visual art are acceptable. Everything could be accepted except for pornography and offensive content!

Main contact +7 929 634 9489 (WhatsApp);

www.facebook.com/netra.art ;


«Женский образ. Трансформация» - 2019.
Представляем вашему вниманию мультимедийный выставочный проект, объединяющий различные формы современного искусства и посвященный трансформации Женского образа со временем...